Sunday, April 29, 2012

THE NOSE KNOWS...........

Yesterday someone was at my house and noticed a hole where a light fixture should be. "What happened?" he asked. "My handyman is in Bolivia having his nose done," I answered. Excuse me...but where else could that conversation have taken place but Hollywood? AND...Jaime, the handyman, told me it was just a "deviated septum!" Perfect. got me thinking about noses. And investigating. As you will see below, in 95% of the cases, the person totally did the right thing. Septum or not. When Jaime gets back from Bolivia, and my light fixture gets hung (excuse me), you'll see him, too.

Yes. Congrats!

This is a fake. Adrien Brody has not done this---yet.

God Bless You

Nice work, Bethanny!

I share your sorrow

Excellent move

No, Lance.

Congrats! Natalie

This was just irresistible for so many reasons

Friday, April 27, 2012


What can one say? Irena and I liked the dogs.

The Marlon Brando

The front of Pink's today

Miko Brando, Beverly Pink, Irena Medavoy, Gloria Pink, Richard Pink
How about this for a dream? Sitting at a table at Pink's where you can eat anything you want on the menu for free????? Thank you, Irena and Mike Medavoy, for inviting me to celebrate the inaugural day of hte Marlon Brando Dog at Pinks's. The Medavoys and members of the Brando Family, including son Miko, had a fantastic and delicious time eating that dog---It's a classic, with just chili and cheese--perfect. Gloria and Richard Pink, and Beverly Pink greeted everyone. And, may I say, that their fries and onion rings are twice-fried and I went crazy over them. And, again...dare I say that I got stuff to go??? Oh, yeah.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


One year ago today she made her journey to Heaven. Don't ask how, but I know she's really happy and smiling and peaceful. I miss her and think of her every day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Colleagues President Alexandra Dwek and her daughter, Cairo

Oscar De La Renta's step-daughter, Alexandra Dwek, Sherry Lansing, Barbara Walters, Wendy Burch
Host Wendy Burch in her De La Renta dress

Wendy word hundreds of thousand$$$ from Chopard

Jolene Schlatter and Mrs. Aldrin

Lynda Thompson, Wink Martindale and his wife, Sandy

Me with Donna Antebi

Kathy Hilton and Gary Pudney

Laurie McCaskill and Vanessa Sandin
President Alexandra Dwek chaired one of the best Colleagues luncheon ever this week. Barbara Walters flew in to present an award to honoree Sherry Lansing, and Oscar De La Renta supplied the most beautiful fashions. The Colleagues were founded on 1950 by Mrs. Homer Toberman, and they have always been a very exclusive, prestigious charity. That profile was enhanced even more when Nancy Reagan joined. Everyone was raving afterward and congratulating Alexandra and Luncheon Chair Anne Johnson for a job well done. And particular kudos to the refreshing and clever MC Wendy Burch.


WHAT A THRILL IT WAS...TO SEE KIM FINALLY GET HER HAND AND FOOTPRINTS IN CEMENT AT THE CHINESE THEATRE!!!  I had no idea that they hadn't been there for years. In my mind I envisioned Kim and Jimmy Stewart, side-by-side, doing it years ago. Thank you to TCM and Robert Osborne for the lovely invitation. The TCM Festival is a beautifully-run homage to the real Hollywood, when stars actually had to be stars and putting a sex-tape on the internet didn't count.

You can't manufacture a star. I don't care how much make-up, lighting, wardrobe, lessons, etc. are given. A star has a luminosity that glows from within. They are incandescent on a screen and jump right into your psyche and soul. There was Garbo, Dietrich, and..........Novak.

Ricki Noel Lander, Brian Novack, Kim Novak

Me, Debbie R, Connie Armijo, Robert Osborne

This is Kim actually rehearsing signing in cement in a "dummy" block of cement before the ceremony

The real thing

Waving at the crowd

Kim, Bob Malloy and me

Connie Stevens, Kim, Me, Lainie Kazan at Musso's

One of the proudest moments of my life was to give this hand/foot ceremony to Kim

TCM and its entire staff, made this the best professional experience Kim and I have ever had. There are so many to thank and I don't want to leave anyone out. I will say that Darcy Hettrich had been calling us for seven years in a row to do this. I'm glad we finally did. Kim and Robert Osborne taped a two-hour interview that will be on TCM later this year, and Robert said, "This was the best interview I've ever done." Later Kim hosted a screening of "Vertigo," and the next morning she did Grauman's. And a special thank you to the amazing Debbie Reynolds for her kind/hilarious words at the ceremony. TCM then gave Kim a private lunch for her friends at Musso's. Her husband, Dr. Robert Malloy, myself, Stephen Rebello, Dr. Brian Novack and Ricki Noel Lander, who, incidentally plays "Kim Novak" in the "Hitchcock" movie shooting right now were there, along with Stephen Rebello, writer of the book and screenplay for the "Hitchcock movie, Dr. Ed Phillips and his wife Nancy, Dr. Peter Goldman and his son, Connie Armijo, Hope Smith, Dawn Moore, Bob Samson, and last, but SO NOT LEAST, Lainie Kazan and Connie Stevens.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


DON'T MISS HER!!!!. Gorgeous Lynda Carter was a singer long before she became Wonder Woman. She is an extraordinry performer. What a show you will get. I have been at Catalina for the past two night and seen three standing ovations each night. Lynda has the best musicians, the best singers, the best of everything. She is dazzling, warm, and so much fun. She's rock 'n' roll, country, jazz, blues and soul.
Yes, It is Lynda and yours truly

Robert Altman, Lynda, Harry and Florence Sloan

Lynda and her agent Mike Pick

Lindsay Wagner and her son(!)

Julie Chen, Lynda, Les Moonves
Her sax player, Blue Lou Marini, is the original Blues Brother from "Saturday Night Live" who played with Belushi and Ackroyd! EVERYONE has been in to see her-----Les Moonves, Julie Chen, Harry and Florence Sloan, "American Idol's" Michale Orland and Peisha McPhee (Katherine's mother and voice coach, Lindsay Wagner, writer-producers Ellen Weston and Lynn Roth, and, of course, Lynda's genius husband, Chairman of Zenimax Corp, the video gaming phenomenon Robert Altman.......... It's a party every night. Tonight is her last night and then she goes to NY for Jazz and Lincoln Center. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Colleagues were founded in 1950 and have, for over 100 years, raised money for the Children's Institute. It is Nancy Reagan's favorite charity, and everyone in town knows it. Each year the luncheon is totally sold out. This year, President Alexandra Dwek announced that their honoree this years is Sherry Lansing, and her award will be presented by Barbara WaltersOscar De La Renta will be there with Barbara, and he is doing the luncheon fashion show. It's going to be amazing.



A large part of the gang was on hand last night for my birthday at Cecconi's-- Danielle Del, Alexandra Dwek, Katy Sweet, Donna Antebi, Joely Fisher, Helen Cavallo, Dawn Moore, Tracy Danza. Love you all. Sorry that Julie A, Irena M, Dagny D, and Wendy B couldn't make it. There will be other celebrations! (probably at PINK'S) Cecconi's is certainly HOT and BUZZING.

And, yes, there was the shock of the evening when a nearby woman at another table started to choke. Yes, prompted by my buddies, I jumped in and did the Heimlich. The woman was saved. That's the first time I've done that and it was quite a feeling.

Alexandra, me, Danielle, Donna

Katy Sweet and Tracy Danza

Tracy, Joely, me and Helen

I know--blown out by flash. The elusive Dawn Moore
Next up---Alexandra's birthday. THANK YOU DANIELLE. Sweet Baby Jane six layer chocolate cake......