Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Dear Arlen,
Do you really think that women don't remember how you attacked Anita Hill with that snide look on your face (and your jowls sinking)? You were the most offensive of all. I have been waiting for the day when you'd be turned out of office and it's finally here. Good riddance you Chauvinist Pig who pretends to be on the side of women. And by the way, note the two photos attached. Whatever plastic surgeon you used finally got rid of those jowls.

Monday, May 24, 2010

ADIOS AMERICAN IDOL--or fire all the old judges

We knew it was near the end when they hired Kara DioGuardi as a fourth judge. It's not that she doesn't have the musical knowledge, it's just that it totally changed the balance and timing of the show. Then the producers were foolish, and didn't give Paula the money she wanted. That was the death knell. Along comes Ellen, someone I like a lot and watch every day. BUT "Idol" is not the right venue for her gifts. "Idol" has been destroyed. Adam Lambert is probably the last real star they will ever create, and create is the wrong word. The talent is his. They just gave him a platform. THE ONLY THING IDOL CAN DO IS FIRE ALL FOUR JUDGES AND COME UP WITH NEW, HOT ONES, and even then, it will be touch and go. This year's contestants are all forgettable, with the exception of Crystal, who should be quite successful.


I have no agenda in watching the Miss USA Pageant. We all know what it is---a girlie show--and that's what Donald Trump gives us. No apologies---entertainment only, please. It was a hip show, not dated in any way---are you listening Dead Miss America Pageant? HOWEVER, the political move of naming the someone they chose as a winner........too transparent for me.


I love her new CD. Lucie did a petite show at Barnes and Noble in NYC to promote it the other night and it was great. I bookended the show with Gray's Papaya in front and PJ Clarke's after. There is nothing better than walking in NY on a gorgeous night. I went from 56th to 68th under the stars around Midnight. I certainly wouldn't do that alone in LA!
And, by the way, this is a picture of a 3' x 3' poster I had to surreptitiously carry on the streets of NY.


Why isn't anyone talking about this? It's more fascinating that Sam Donaldson and Donald Trump. Forget about his political positions. The hair says it all. And, this guy has been rejected and rejected for higher office from Californians. He should just cool it and hang out with his money. By the way, this top view isn't so bad. Check out the front the next time he's on a TV news show.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Lynn Redgrave was a brilliant, brilliant actress. I saw her in her one-woman show about her father, and it was one of the finest live performances I've ever seen. According to friends who saw her last one-woman play in New York, she was equally brilliant, even though she was physically weak and had to hold her script. Lynn: I'm sorry your husband was a pig and had a child with your assistant; I'm sorry Universal fired you from your TV series because you wanted to breast-feed your baby on the lot. You rose above all of it and lived a life with integrity.