Thursday, September 16, 2010


Michael Grimm is very good, but he's just another Michael Bolton lite. He doesn't deserve $1 million. A talent like Jackie Evancho's comes along once-in-a-lifetime. She'll be better than fine, and her career will last for decades.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Leon Schneider and his sister, Susan Fedder, are two of the kindest, most generous people on earth. They hosted Ellen Weston and me at Leon's Running Springs home this weekend. Simply put, Leon's property is like a private national park. It's approximately five acres, and Leon put 70,000 feet (!) of sod on it. He built a gigantic home, a gigantic guest house, a barn, gym and caretaker's building, as well as ponds, a corral, a million bathrooms (very important) and flat screens and fireplaces in every room. Leon is a personal injury attorney in Beverly Hills, who is married to the beautiful Elena, and Susan is a very successful realtor with Coldwell Banker.
Ellen was the former v-p production of CBS Films, is a respected TV writer/producer, and she's written the book for the new Broadway musical "Josephine," based on the life of Josephine Baker.
But we discussed none of those things. This was Kids on Parade (us) with boats, drums, pool tables, a singing deer, pin ball machines, the USC game and BBQs......and multiple meals at the Old Country Diner. What I love about Running Springs is that no one goes there. They're too busy going to Arrowhead and Big Bear. We were totally silly all weekend and in our own world.
What a blessing this respite was. THANK YOU----as for the pictures, they are totally random. It's all at Leon's house or on the lake at Big Bear. Susan Fedder has the long, dark hair. You'll figure out Leon. Ellen is the one who isn't me!