Sunday, November 11, 2012


Salmon salad

Owner Mara Sampo

Remember Da Vinci Restaurant in Beverly Hills with its white and gold decor and embalmed diners? Well, it has been completely redone and brought into this century in a great way. Restaurateurs Mara Sampo and her husband are the owners and he is the chef. I visited it recently for Joely Fisher's birthday party given by her mother, Connie Stevens. The interior is gray, sleek modern, but not cold. More importantly is the fantastic personality of Mara, and the equally fantastic food. There's a cool bar, a secret upstairs romantic table, and some of the best Italian food in Los Angeles.
Gelatina Di Pomodoro vine ripped tomatoes jelly with basil, olive oil and pesto reduction   
Segato Di Carciofi thin sliced baby artichokes with shaved reggiano parmesan and wild baby arugula   
Burrata Con Pomodorini imported fresh burrata caprese with organic heirlooms tomatoes   
Sformatino Di Zucchine Al Gorgonzola Fuso zucchini flan with italian sweet blue cheese   
Grigliata Di Verdure Con Formaggio Tomino Caldo mixed grilled organic veggies with warm tomino cheese on the side   
Fritto Di Calamari, Gamberi E Verdurine fried calamari, shrimps and baby veggies   
Misto Di Formaggi selection of mixed cheeses   
Vongole E Cozze In Guazzetto clams and mussels soup with tomatoes sauce, light garlic and vernaccia white wine from tuscany and bruschetta bread