Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My beautiful friend, the 21-year-old actress Rebecca Schaeffer, was murdered 23 years ago today by a crazed fan. The fan got her address through the DMV and shot her point blank. Don't ever think that fame is all roses. Anyone with any kind of public persona should always be aware and cautious. She would have been 45 years old this year. She was so talented and bright and loving. I never forget.

Monday, July 16, 2012


One can only use the word gorgeous when you look at the photos of the guests at the beautiful birthday party given for Danielle by Alexandra Dwek at her home in Bel Air. Guests gathered in the poolhouse of the Georgian French manor to sip luscious cocktails and (frankly) check out what everyone was wearing. There was no way to pick a winner, but I must say that the summer Valentino pants/blouse ensemble worn by our hostess was jaw-dropping. I mistook Danielle for Brigitte Bardot in her prime---she was that stunning.
Irena Medavoy, Danielle Del, Linda Thompson

Dagny Dubelko, Irena, Danielle, Linda, Donna Antebi

Alexandra Dwek in Valentino

Alexandra and Dagny

Wendy Burch and Julie Araskog

After cocktails we traveled across the lawn (only thing missing was croquet or badminton, but the summer is young) to the beautiful table set up on the outdoor veranda. After dinner and many, many unprintable toasts, we adjourned to Alexandra's office where she shared her magnificent doll house with us. Every room, every miniature detail in that house should be photographed by AD or T&C. I am grateful the "house" remained intact after our antics. What a great party!

Monday, July 9, 2012


The Las Palmas theatre today.

Standing where the stage used to be. The seats were behind me.

The gaping hole where all the seats were
When I was a little girl, my lawyer/father loved legit theatre. He held leases on the Belasco and Coronet Theatres in Los Angeles, where he produced shows. But the special place for his heart was the Las Palmas Theatre in Hollywood. He brought Carol Channing to Hollywood to star in "Lend an Ear." His theatre gophers were George Schlatter (who became one of TV's most brilliant producers) and Ross Hunter (who became the King of Universal Movies). I spent every weekend there, watching auditions, script readings, rehearsals, opening nights, etc. I hung out backstage with every actor imaginable from the time I was about eight years old. He sold the theatre as he was getting older, and I've had to see it run down, and then built back up again as it became a nightclub. They changed walls, facades, all cosmetic things, but two weeks ago I was driving by and saw it was open and construction was going on. I walked in and all the fake facades had been knocked down, and what remained were the original walls I had grown up with. I saw my father's office and I'm sure I smelled his always-burning cigar. The original box office window had reappeared. And then I walked into the theatre. Instead of a nightclub's false floor, it had been ripped out, and the sunken area where all the original seats was revealed. I jumped into the pit and took a rock from the original foundation. It is on my nightstand as we speak.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Lynn Roth and Ellen Weston

We demolished this

Bonnie Bruckheimer and Renee Taylor

Connie Stevens and Lainie

Sunta Izzicupo and Beverly Piontak

Lainie and Sunta
It was Girls Night, Egg Rolls and Vodka as we celebrated dear Lainie's birthday in the private room of Hop Ling in West LA. I would love to share all the dish with you......but know what would happen.


Two nights ago I was very excited to finally try SHORT ORDER, the "avant garde" hamburger place at the Farmer's Market by Nancy Silverton. I was so excited that I completely forgot that my opinion of Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza was that they were very overrated.

Fried Dill Pickle Chips. Yum!

The beef- short-rib burger. Looks good--no taste

Turkey Burger--not a winner
Short Order is a terrific, funky/chic place with wonderful service. But paying almost $60.00 for two burgers (yes, there was one beer and one wine) is insane. One burger sounded amazing--a combo of short ribs, beef, and something else freshly ground, with fried onions and a sauce. The second burger was their recommended Turkey Burger with sauteed leeks and celery, mayo/mustard and sage derby cheese. The buns were homemade and were terrific. What was inside, in the case of BOTH burgers, was primarily tasteless and dry. It was shocking. The best thing on the menu was a side order of dill pickle chips. Short Order has seen the last of me. I'll just keep eating at Loteria inside, thank you.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Why are these lemons significant to Lucie and me? And what do they have to do with Barbara Sinatra?

Lucie and Tony-winner David Zippel at David Lee's

Architect and designer Michael Johnston and David Zippel with a really cute guy on the left

Michele Lee, Stanely Freilich, Lucie

Lucie, Freda Payne, Ron Abel, Ann Hampton Callaway

Riviera Lobby where we all stayed. They are trying to bring it back, but word's failing

Riviera bedroom

How much singing talent is this? Two geniuses--Ann and Marilyn
Each year in Palm Springs, Michael Childers holds a benefit concert called "One Night Only." Frankly, it is a two-day party. This year the pre-show party was held at writer David Lee's house. The after show party was at Italian restaurant in Rancho Mirage. In between there was a dynamite show at the McCallum with Ron Abel conducting.