Monday, May 30, 2011


PR Maven Katy Sweet started a group of mothers and daughters a few years ago. Once a year or so, the mothers and daughters all have lunch, but more often, now that the mothers are getting up there, the daughters meet to talk about what it's like taking care of a parent. We are of great help to each other. We gathered the other day at the Montage Beverly Hills.
(L-R) Danette Herman, Me, Lesley Ann Warren, Elizabeth Snead, Katy Sweet, and Bonnie Tiegel.
One heck of a group...............

Can't help it--

Conrad Hitchcock(left) and I have decided to adopt Ian Smith (right)


I know "All My Children" is going off the air, and I hate that. I went to visit my friend, producer Hope Smith, to get the vibe at the studio. It's quite a family over there, and it's a shame they have to go their separate ways.
I have two favorite sexiest actors on daytime---Vince Irizarry, and Ronn Moss of "The Bold and the Beautiful." I couldn't help myself. I crashed in on Vince's dressing room. It's ok. We know each other.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Incredibly talented and successful dermatologist Jessica Wu, just finished another "Good Morning, America" appearance to promote her new book, "Feed Your Face." She also spoke to a women's group in LA the other day where I saw her. Did you know that if you have a choice of tuna salad or veggie pizza, the pizza is better for your face/skin because of the tomatoes, and the tuna will hurt you? Apples are bad for the skin, too! Get this book. Your jaw will drop at the knowledge and tips---but your face won't.


Trevor Daley, head of Senator Dianne Feinstein's office in Southern California, is a charming funny, right-on-top-of-it-guy, who has monthly dinners introducing interesting people to each other. Almost all are involved in politics or some form of government, and a few are from the entertainment industry as well. More and more frequently, the dinners have been at vermont restaurant in the Los Feliz area, and that restaurant is really cool--great food--great manager Bill Huggins---hot back room club and hot bar.
Last week's guests included Billie Greer, Schwarzenegger's head of LA when he was governor (don't ask--it's not her fault), John Duran, mayor of West Hollywood, Yvonne Bell, theatre development, Kevin Kish, lawyer from House of Justice, Roberto Munoz, PR, Samara Ashley, Port of Long Beach, Brian Johnson, running for assembly, brilliant graduates from Yale and Columbia, more lawyers, the head of goes on and on. Bravo, Trevor!


Fresh from resigning from the Pasadena Pops, where she was conductor for a number of years, Rachael's dream came true of having her own orchestra and being able to pick her own musicians and program what she wants. Rachael's specialty is "mashing up" all kinds of art forms and leading you on a thrilling musical journey--both passionately and intellectually. An example of this was her announcement party for the orchestra where she combined and Bach cello solo with a beautifully sculpted male dancer from the Lula Washington Company. HER DEBUT CONCERT IS JULY 30TH STARRING JESSYE NORMAN doing Duke Ellington, classics, and spirituals at the magnificent lawn in front of the Beckmen Auditorium at Cal Tech in Pasadena. Muse/ique is in the process of firming up fall concerts and will announce soon.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Princess Alexandra Dwek the First, was given an extraordinary birthday dinner by her friend, Danielle Del. For those of you who know Alexandra well, you know that caviar and truffles are her best friends---culinarily speaking---and why not? They are both fabulous. You will see lots of party pictures, including the beautiful table, the cavair eggs (like L'Orangerie), as well as the adorable party favor of the Royal Wedding deck of cards personally purchased by Danielle at Westminster Abbey. I'm sorry I didn't photograph the truffle pizza hors d'oeuvres, but just take my word for it.
Both Alexandra and Danielle have terrific style and taste, and the evening was glorious.
Guests enjoying the laughs and treats were Katrina Leffler, Alexandra Dwek the Second (step-daughter), Vanessa Sandin, Michie Gleason, Linda Thompson, Vicki Walters, Elizabeth Leanse, and Laurie MacCaskill.
And also, congratulations to Alexandra for becoming the new president of The Colleagues!


Was talking to Steve Burton the other day and found out about PORT CHUCK, a band formed by the GH Hunks--character names "Johnny," "Steve," "Spinelli" and "Jason." They are turning out to be a hit and have been meeting wit big booking agents. They have a new album out and are playing the Sportsmen's Lodge in Los Angeles on July 22!