Thursday, January 19, 2012


Two years ago today, my beloved friend, Phoebe Snow, had the stroke that eventually took her life a year-and-a-half later. For me, today is the day we lost her. I love you, Phoebe, and try each day to accept how happy you are being with your daughter for eternity in Heaven.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


You-Know-Who and Wendy Greuel. VOTE FOR HER FOR MAYOR
Yes, I flew back from NY in time for this momentous occasion. Marlo couldn't come because the would have had to have missed four performances, but the rest of the family was there beaming. St. Jude is my favorite charity. They have been cited as using the highest percentage of every dollar toward St. Jude. Danny Thomas said, "No child should die in the dawn of life," and he founded St. Jude by literally begging for money. It now costs $1.7 million a day to run, and NO PATIENT OR FAMILY PAYS ANYTHING--including food and housing and transportation.

Danny now has a well-deserved stamp
Terre Thomas

Phil Donahue and Terre's daughter, producer Dionne Kirschner

Phil is overcome by meeting Capt. Sully

Scott Hamilton with Vanessa Williams

Diahann Carroll

"Desperate Housewives" James Denton

The Danny Cigar
Phil Donahue, Terre Thomas and Tony Thomas emceed, and the event was chaired by Terre and Robert Ellis. It was magnificent, with entertainment by Tony Bennett and Ray Romano. It was sold out, and the video by Marlo talking about her father brought everyone to tears. It was followed by video clips of Danny, and each guest had a chocolate "Danny" cigar on his or her plate. I felt Danny and Rose Marie's presence all evening.


Opening night
I love NY any time of the year, even when it is 13 degrees. I flew in for Lucie Arnaz' opening of her "Latin Roots' show at Feinstein's at the Regency, and also to see Marlo Thomas in "Relatively Speaking" on Broadway, where she stars in Elaine May's one-act play. It is part of a trilogy. The other two one-cats are by Woody Allen and Ethan Coen. MARLO DESERVES THE TONY AWARD! She IS the entire evening, and it is her best work ever. So there. After I saw the play, we went to a little place in the theatre district called Trecolore, a family-owned Italian. I urge you to try it.


Lucie and Tommy

Stepson Ben Luckinbill, Ron Abel, Simon Luckinbill and Joe Luckinbill. I love them all

Michele Lee

Lucie and Valarie

LaBelle's Sarah Dash

 Feinstein's was so crowded for every show that you had to hang people off of chandeliers. Lucie, too, is doing the best work of her career. Forget LIZA, forget BETTE----Lucie is the best act out there right now. OMG. She's glamorous, sexy, drop dead funny, and sings up a storm. Her ever-faithful Ron Abel, THE conductor and Lucie put together an amazing show about, well, her "Latin Roots." Tommy Tune, Michele Lee, Fred Rappoport, Doug Denoff, Marlo Thomas, Valarie Pettiford, Sarah Dash---the list was endless about who came each night. What a party!