Friday, August 26, 2011


It opened a little while ago and it is a cross between a New Orleans hip bordello and a NY jazz club, with Creole food and live music to die for!!! Don't be surprised if you are met at the entrance by a "lovely man" with a Mardi Gras mask. You get the hottest R&B and jazz plus the BEST Shrimp Etouffe, Gumbo, get the point. This place is in the LA Downtown Arts District right near Zip Fusion and Wurstkuche. So COOL. AND IT HAS A SECRET, SEXY BACK PATIO


There's a cool bar in Beverly Hills called Nic's Martini Lounge and Restaurant owned by chef/Vodkateur Larry Nicola. He has invented a VOD BOX---an all glass freezer that you go into for tastings. You put on the "fur" coats and hats he makes available and go into this 28 degree wonderland with walls of vodka from all over the world. Larry is a true Vodkateur, traveling all over, meeting distillers and finding new tastes. It's amazing. You HAVE to go in and try it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Lucie sits at the dressing table shooting a picture in Lucy's "dressing room."
Randall Kleiser and Lucie's husband Larry Luckinbill
Valerie Harper and Tab Hunter
The Hollywood Museum honored Lucille Ball's 100th birthday with an amazing exhibit and a party with Lucie Arnaz and the surviving cast and crew. "This is like the Desilu Annual Picnic," said Lucie gazing out over the room. It was a very touching and happy evening. After we snuck over to the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt. Since "Ricky's" nightclub in "I Love Lucy" was the Tropicana............


Lainie Kazan
Connie Stevens
All the Fisher-Duddys 
Joely Fisher through a 50th birthday party for her handsome husband, Chris, who shoots "CSI." It was a family affair outdoor picnic with a DJ and great food. Go Chris!


Senator Dianne Feinstein and I had dinner at Bouchon the other evening and DID NOT TALK POLITICS AT ALL. She is a woman with such honor and grace, and real respect for the people she serves.
Bouchon was charming and I thank Trevor Daley and Mike.


Merrin Dungey, Debby Boone and Lynn Grigg

Lesley's son Christopher Peters and his wife Daniella

Ron and Lesley

The "Angels" you WON'T see on ABC

We all had such a good time at Lesley's that the "gang" meet up again at Susan Feniger's STREET last night and had a ball. What great food! Love to Susan
Lesley Ann's husband, Ron Taft, planned a fabulous surprise party at the home of Bob and Lynn Grigg. The surprise worked. Lesley had no clue and her scream could be heard to the beach and back. It was a very romantic party---Ron had all of us sing "Young at Heart" while he and Lesley danced. He brought in her favorite dessert--Munchies Yogurt. He had us all write something to Lesley for a special electronic guest book; the evening was shot on tape, AND there was a photo studio set up by Bob, who, among other things, is a photographer. There was so much love all around for our wonderful Lesley.


Kim Novak's "Eddy Duchin" shoes
Kim Novak's gorgeous "Eddy Duchin" dress

Debbie welcomes visitors to the exhibit

Real Rat Pack tuxedos

Debbie's "Molly Brown"

Katharine Hepburn "Desk Set"
"Funny Girl"

"Funny Girl"
Debbie's next auction is in December at the Paley Media Center in Beverly Hills. She was on hand the other night when completely new items for December were revealed. The first auction was a HUGE success. This time you'll see items from Katherine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, but also from Kim Novak, Doris Day, Betty Grable, Carmen Miranda and more. Check out these photos.....
Carmen Miranda
Florence Henderson says hello
Sonia Heine

Doris Day "Jumbo"

Betty Grable

Dorothy Lamour "Greatest Show on Earth"

Julie Andrews "Star"

Marilyn Monroe "Bus Stop"
Julie Andrews "Star"

Elizabeth Taylor "Date with Judy"
The auction with be run by Profiles in History, in case you want to bid.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

St. Peter 9-11 Cross: The Final Days of the Journey

St. Peter 9-11 Cross: The Final Days of the Journey: "Anthony Serrao working his magic in the studio. After a brief hiatus we are back and ready for the final push, preparing the Cross for th..."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Maxine takes a call on Rodeo Dr.

Sandy--this was all her idea

Parked outside Armani



Haven't you always wanted to ride a Segway? They are the coolest things ever! I want one badly! Sandy Pressman and Maxine Barens decided to celebrate their birthdays by inviting a small group to cruise around Beverly Hills on Segways. It was all arranged through Another Side of Los Angeles Tours, and it was sensational. They arrange for whatever you want---helicopters, studios, hiking, whale watching, horseback riding, food---just ANYTHING. Their staff is professional and friendly and knowledegable, and they go with you so you don't CRASH. You can do the Segway Tour in downtown LA, Santa Monica and Venice or the Miracle Mile as well. Our guide Paul Wurth was superb. Imagine us gliding to Armani on Rodeo and having the staff come out to say hi (thanks to Sandy) or whizzing by all the diners on Canon Dr. at lunchtime!!!!!  WE LOVED IT. Their phone is 310-289-TOUR. Thank you Sandy!


Rachael Worby, the former conductor of the Pasadena Pops believes that music should be an emotional ride encompassing all forms. Hence, she left them and formed her own orchestra, MUSE/IQUE. She took with her most of the sponsors, and hand-picked the players she wanted in her orchestra. It debuted on the lawn in front of Beckman Hall at Cal Tech, and was a glorious evening with legend Jessye Norman. Miss Norman sang Ellington, spirituals, Leonard Bernstein, and more, and received several standing ovations. Angela Bassett made a surprise appearance to recite, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," and new works  were premiered from young composers Peter Knell and Ben Lear.

Model Leon Bing and her boyfriend Gareth Siegel, plus entertainment producers Robert Ell, Greg Gugliotta, and FJ Denny and I savored every moment---as well as food and wine from Bristol Farms.