Thursday, August 25, 2011


Merrin Dungey, Debby Boone and Lynn Grigg

Lesley's son Christopher Peters and his wife Daniella

Ron and Lesley

The "Angels" you WON'T see on ABC

We all had such a good time at Lesley's that the "gang" meet up again at Susan Feniger's STREET last night and had a ball. What great food! Love to Susan
Lesley Ann's husband, Ron Taft, planned a fabulous surprise party at the home of Bob and Lynn Grigg. The surprise worked. Lesley had no clue and her scream could be heard to the beach and back. It was a very romantic party---Ron had all of us sing "Young at Heart" while he and Lesley danced. He brought in her favorite dessert--Munchies Yogurt. He had us all write something to Lesley for a special electronic guest book; the evening was shot on tape, AND there was a photo studio set up by Bob, who, among other things, is a photographer. There was so much love all around for our wonderful Lesley.


Dawn said...

I love that you love your friends. And I love your mix of friends. And love that you write lovingly about your friends. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Ron looks so hot ...