Monday, January 10, 2011


Gracious, and REALLY funny, Kathy Hilton opened up her gorgeous home for a dinner for Julie Araskog. Julie is now a law student at Notre Dame, and we all wanted to see her on her brief return to LA. Linda Thompson, showed her new ring that looks very much like the Princess Diana ring. KTLA's Wendy Burch led an impromptu discussion about the state of women. Danielle Del, Robyn Steinberg, Tracy Danza, Donna Antebi, Nancy Davis, and Dede Binder-Goldsmith all added to the festivities. Kathy served a home-made Mexican buffet, and I just want to add that her house took four years to complete (renovation and addition) and it is done in the most exquisite, elegant, beautiful taste---not over-the-top AT ALL.

We do have some photos, but they haven't been emailed yet.