Thursday, May 24, 2012


Jessica Sanchez should have won

Winner Phillip Phillips. I;m sure he's a nice guy and hes' talented. But compared to her?????
How many more times are we going to sit through hours and hours of a talent search of AMERICAN IDOL and have the prize stolen by a folky white guy with a guitar???? There's no point in watching anymore because THEY don't matter anymore. Remember hen Taylor Hicks beat Katharine Mc Phee? Where is he? She's the breakout star of SMASH and has a huge career ahead of her. And what about the year Adam Lambert lost to sweet, boring Kris Allen. Kris is fumbling along and Adam is a star. And now we have Jessica Sanchez coming in second, and clearly she is Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Holliday, Billie Holliday and Nancy Wilson wrapped up in one. But who won???? Another white kid with a guitar. ENOUGH.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


After a smashing success with her Colleagues luncheon, her birthday wasn't far behind. I love girlfriend evenings with elegance. I'm not talking about the conversation, mind you, but I love beautiful decor and superb taste. Laurie McCaskill, a long-time friend of Alexandra's, and also a Colleague, gave the party at her breathtaking condo on the Wilshire Corridor. Cocktails flowed from the moment we entered, accompanied by tuna tarter and classic cheesepuff hors d'oeuvres.

Enjoying it all were Danielle Del, Alexis Fingold, Wendy Burch, Vanessa Sandin, and Linda Thompson. And, we all looked gorgeous. I just had to say it. Dinner was an amazing fresh English Pea soup with Mint and Chilean Seabass over risotto with grilled Asparagus.


Vanessa, Alexis, Alexandra

Alexandra, Danielle, Linda

Vanessa, Laurie, Alexandra, me, Linda, Alexis, Wendy

Laurie and Wendy


Laurie's gorgeous tale

I'm not going to reveal any of the dinner discussion in the interest of propriety.