Monday, May 23, 2011


Trevor Daley, head of Senator Dianne Feinstein's office in Southern California, is a charming funny, right-on-top-of-it-guy, who has monthly dinners introducing interesting people to each other. Almost all are involved in politics or some form of government, and a few are from the entertainment industry as well. More and more frequently, the dinners have been at vermont restaurant in the Los Feliz area, and that restaurant is really cool--great food--great manager Bill Huggins---hot back room club and hot bar.
Last week's guests included Billie Greer, Schwarzenegger's head of LA when he was governor (don't ask--it's not her fault), John Duran, mayor of West Hollywood, Yvonne Bell, theatre development, Kevin Kish, lawyer from House of Justice, Roberto Munoz, PR, Samara Ashley, Port of Long Beach, Brian Johnson, running for assembly, brilliant graduates from Yale and Columbia, more lawyers, the head of goes on and on. Bravo, Trevor!

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