Friday, July 6, 2012


Why are these lemons significant to Lucie and me? And what do they have to do with Barbara Sinatra?

Lucie and Tony-winner David Zippel at David Lee's

Architect and designer Michael Johnston and David Zippel with a really cute guy on the left

Michele Lee, Stanely Freilich, Lucie

Lucie, Freda Payne, Ron Abel, Ann Hampton Callaway

Riviera Lobby where we all stayed. They are trying to bring it back, but word's failing

Riviera bedroom

How much singing talent is this? Two geniuses--Ann and Marilyn
Each year in Palm Springs, Michael Childers holds a benefit concert called "One Night Only." Frankly, it is a two-day party. This year the pre-show party was held at writer David Lee's house. The after show party was at Italian restaurant in Rancho Mirage. In between there was a dynamite show at the McCallum with Ron Abel conducting.

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