Friday, April 17, 2009

The Lynda Resnick Book Party

"Behind every great woman is herself," said Stewart Resnick as he introduced his wife, Lynda, at her book party recently. A while back Pom Queen and philanthropist Lynda gave a party for her friend Arianna Huffington, and this time Arianna returned the favor by co-hosting with Stewart to celebrate Lynda's new book, "Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business."

"I first met Lynda 30 years ago at Joan Didiion's house," said Arianna, and we've been friends ever since. Her book is a sensational and inspiring marketing guide. Everyone should have it."
And the Lynda addressed the crown from high atop the mezzanine stairs in the grand foyer of LACMA. It was a little like Eva Peron from the balcony---very effective. "This is the best book party I've ever been to," said Lynda. "This has been a fabulous journey, and even though we are in tough times, we must always remember to become part of the family of man. There is always an opportunity when something goes wrong. Be brave, everybody. It's going to be OK."

Taking in her words were Rikki Klieman and Bill Bratton, Wendy and Len Goldberg, Jim Wiatt, Agape Stassinsopoulous, Irena and Mike Medavoy, Cheryl Saban, Willow Bay, Linda Thompson, Julie Araskog, and Pat and Michael York--just to name a few.

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