Friday, June 12, 2009

Henry Jaglom's "Irene in Time"

One of my favorite people and directors is Henry Jaglom. I love his style, his sensitivity, his creativity, and his life force. I love Henry himself. He always seens to be present at important times in my life, and I associate him with my fathers. My mother has been married four times. Two out of the four I really loved. One was Bio-Dad; the other was Step-Dad 1. Henry held me as I cried over losing Step-Dad 1 when we were huddled in the back of the Gardenia. When he screened "Irene in Time" it was on the day that would have been Bio-Dad's 100th birthday, and I had spent some time at the cemetery. And wouldn't you know it--"Irene in Time" has to do with fathers.

I think Henry makes movies for intelligent, thoughtful adults. Long may he reign! His new movie, "Irene in Time," stars Tanna Frederick, Victoria Tennant, and Andrea Marcovicci. (What an actress Andrea is. We're so used to hearing her sing.) It is about little girls and their fathers, and how even as adults our perception of who or what a father was to us can either enhance or wreck our lives. Henry's more recent movies have "opened up" more in locations, rather than just being women sitting around a table talking. But there is plenty of that in this movie (which I love), as well as lots of men at their gambling activities acting as contrasts to the women. Throughout the movie are performances of Harriet Schock's music by Tanna Frederick and Harriet, as well as a song performed by Andrea and written by Henry and Tanna. This movie held me all the way, and I LOVED LOVED the score.
Tanna Frederick, who garnered rave reviews for her last film, is a very fearless actress who isn't afraid to annoy you with her character, or pull you in until your heart breaks. She's unforgettable. Henry's two children, Sabrina and Simon do cameo appearances. Simon is very funny, and Sabrina just could be a great big movie star if guided correctly.

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