Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Get rid of Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankman. Fire new director Hamish Hamilton....missed close-ups, wrong cutaways, half the time you couldn't see the star's face on an entrance. On In Memoriam opening he used a long shot so you missed the first three people who died. And to put Michael Jackson on and NOT Farrah Fawcett! She's done more movies than he, so what a lame excuse it was to say that they omitted her because her success was more in TV. And a stupid horror tribute? Where was the dignity and grace of last year's show? It went with Mark and Conlon. As for ratings they lucked out with the presence of "Avatar." A blockbuster movie year helps ratings, and ABC's ads for the Cyrus-Lautner-Efron hang worked, too. No one begrudges trying to widen a base. Ratings are important, but not at the sacrifice of dignity. And everyone should stop complaining that Oscars shows are long and boring. They ARE. So What? People deserve their due and they have a lot of awards to present. We just want to dish and eat anyway. Congrats to all winners!
And Charlize??? I'm wearing that dress to every dinner party, football game, pajama party----even Joan Rivers' house. (not kidding) Thanks for the ammunition.

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Karyl Miller said...

Sue, I totally with everything you said, esp. Farah's omission.