Saturday, April 3, 2010


I adored John Forsythe. He was always the perfect gentleman. As soon as he was cast in "Dynasty" everyone fell in love with him. Since I was on that set A LOT, we knew each other quite well. At the height of "Dynasty's" hysteria, Aaron and Candy Spelling rented out the gigantic room at Chasen's for New Year's Eve. Every star from "Dynasty" was there, and the Spellings even put in a red carpet for entrances. An orchestra played the "Dynasty" theme each time a cast member entered. It was a black-tie extravaganza, and at one point I found myself dancing with John. It was one of those dream-sequence moments as I looked into his beautiful eyes, the music swirling around us, his tux tailored to perfection......I WILL TREASURE IT ALWAYS. God bless you, John.

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Raber Umphenour said...

John was an amazing man... my father trained several horses for John on his farm in Kentucky, and always spoke of John so highly and with much admiration. Rest in Peace -