Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our dear friend Julie Araskog is "temporarily" leaving Los Angeles to go to law school at Notre Dame in South Bed. This is a really big deal, because Julie is "going for it" in her 40s. She got accepted and some of the most prestigious law schools in the country, and she's going to specialize in human rights law. It wasn't good enough for Julie to give time and money to help people. Now she'll be able to take their cases and change lives. Her going away party in the private room of Mr. Chow was a true love fest. Sending Julie off with love were Linda Thompson, Natalie Cole, Tracy Danza, Danielle Del, Kimberly Emerson, Alexandra Dwek, Irena Medavoy, Laurie Holden (who also got accepted to Columbia) Anne Kopelson, Barbara Davis, Kathy Hilton, Lauren King, Dagny Dubelko, Cheryl Woodcock, Donna Antebi, Joanie Alrich, Pam McMahon, et. al. Enjoy the photos......

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