Saturday, July 24, 2010


My favorite movie star of all time, Kim Novak, will be at the American Cinematheque's celebration honoring her and Sony's release of "The Kim Novak Collection" boxed set on July 30th at Egyptian Theatre. They will be screening her movies for four days, but opening night is "Bell, Book & Candle," followed by a Q&A with Kim. She loves that movie. After the Q&A they will show "Pal Joey." (She didn't enjoy playing dumb blonde Linda English and will readily tell you.) Her Vanity Fair story will be in the October magazine. It's VERY rare for her to leave her ranch, but she's proud of her work and the recognition it continues to get, and is pleased with the "Collection."

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Louis said...

I attended the 2003 tribute to Kim Novak at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY and it was wonderful meeting her in person. I am so glad that she is receiving the recognition for her film work that she truly deserves.

Louis Guili
Washington, PA