Tuesday, July 30, 2013



I HAD A FEELING RIGHT AWAY THAT THIS ONE WOULD BE A GOOD ONE. His eyes looked kind, and he didn't want to wear the red satin shoes. Excellent. And, I can't help but think that one of the reasons he chose Francis was after St. Francis. Gotta love that.

Pope Francis obviously knows that the Church has had BIG PR TROUBLE. God (literally) only knows what politics and favors go on behind the scenes in electing a pope. The fact that Roger Mahony (I refuse to call him cardinal since he should be in jail) was there voting makes me sick, but that's another story. I really believe that God elected Pope Francis.

It had to have been His plan to have Pope Francis be preceded by Pope RAT. I call him that because his name is Ratzinger and I believe he hid some of his Hitlerian beliefs. REMEMBER, PEOPLE, THIS IS AN OPINION PIECE. Just look at his eyes.....

The Church, for decades and decades, has driven out good Catholics by their austere policies. They are anti-everything. I am the kind of Catholic who derives comfort from standards and beliefs that are human and kind. There's nothing wrong with God---it's the men. I take what I want from Catholicism, and leave the rest. Deep beliefs of goodness are spiritual. And, I'm a sucker for music and architecture and pageantry. Too bad they didn't keep the mass in Latin. Most Catholics didn't understand it and their image was better.

I believe it is important to keep the original structure of the Catholic Church. Rules are important. And, I don't necessarily believe rules should bend with the whims of an ever-changing public. Then there would be no order. The Pope is the human manifestation of the Church. In Pope Francis, they now have one who is cognizant of the time in which he lives, and what ALL people need.

By saying this earlier this week about gay people he showed that he "gets it."

“If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them?” the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics said in a remarkably candid and off-the-cuff news conference en route to Rome from Brazil. “They shouldn’t be marginalized.”

Here's what Pope Rat said during his tenure.........

called homosexual inclinations “disordered” and called for men with “deep-seated” gay tendencies to be barred from the priesthood. He also said same-sex marriage was insidious threat to the common good.

ONE LAST THING.....Twelve years ago when I moved to my new place, I went to the local Catholic Church to introduce myself. I met the young handsome priest who looked really cool and spoke directly for the times. I went for a few weeks before deciding I would leave my old parish for his.

On the morning I made the decision, I walked up the steps to the church and saw him standing there.
"I'm going to join your parish and today's the day I'm going to fill out the papers," I told him excitedly. He said, "THIS morning?" in an odd voice. "What's the matter? I asked. "I wish it wasn't THIS morning," he continued. "I'm not going to tell you why, but be prepared when you go in there," he cautioned.

I walked into the church and saw three seriously higher-up honchos from the archdiocese. The one in the most impressive robes got up to speak. He announced that our head priest had been removed from his post because of inappropriate behavior.  All minds went to priest and little boy thoughts. We held our breaths. Then he said that the priest had become involved with women parishioners. A collective sigh could be heard. Every single parishioner thought...."Well, thank God it's was only a woman."

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