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I have always preferred its friendlier, livelier approach, plus, I really don't like Matt Lauer. TODAY got really boring after Katie Couric and Meredith Viera left. Poor Ann Curry, who, in my opinion deserved the promotion just because she was sitting on the side-lines like a good trouper waiting for her turn, was a not-surprising disaster in the co-host job. Her energy is always flat, and it contributed to the downfall. Sad.

Geroge Stephanopoulous, Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts were pure magic, and TODAY didn't stand a chance. And even when Diane left, Robin and George were dynamite. Add to that Josh Elliott, and Sam Champion, and it was pure gold. Adding Lara Spencer was not a great idea. I don't like the silly pop news twit she's forced to play. Is that who she really is? I don't know, but she's annoying.


Sam Champion wanted to be a bigger star and get more money, so he left to go to the Weather Channel. HAVE WE EVER HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN? Stupid move. He went into obscurity. And, interestingly enough, he came back a few times to stand in for new-mom Ginger Zee, and he's lost his magic. He's truly not aging well and looks buffoon-like with his over-botoxed face.
Ginger Zee

Sam Champion was so beloved when he left, that Ginger Zee stepped into a minefield. She was a bad hire. There's no magic or chemistry between her and the camera. Total fail. And, yes I know she's on DANCING WITH THE STARS, now and she's a good dancer--but she falls short of the magic every time. Case closed. She actually seems like a very nice person with a beautiful family. She just needs a different job.

Here is Josh Elliott, who was the newsreader when GMA was at its height. He was fabulous, and it was very clear that he wanted George's job. Instead of being patient, he jumped ship to go to NBC, where he, too, languished in obscurity. Josh and Sam leaving were two of the dumbest moves I've ever seen by on-air talent.

When Josh left, Amy Robach came in as a news reader and I love her.
She has total star magic and should stay on as long as she wants. I know ABC, this time, is smart enough to make it worth her while.

THE FINAL VISUAL RESULT OF ALL THIS TURMOIL, IS THAT YOU HAD ALL WOMEN ON GMA AND GEORGE.  Honestly, it just didn't look right. There should always be a balance. George looked like a mascot at a bridal shower every day.

The ratings started to fall. The audience missed "the family." GMA became flat, and TODAY started copying the GMA successful style. Savannah Guthrie moved into Ann Curry's seat; TODAY got new graphics, sets, music, producers, more on-air entertaining talent. They began booking lots of big stars every day. You could look at the newspaper and read:

TODAY--Guests Robert DeNiro, Lady Gaga, Kerry Washington

GMA--Candace Cameron Bure and flower arranging.

WHICH SHOW WOULD YOU WATCH? It happened and it's still happening almost every day.

Side Note: The best morning show is CBS This Morning with Charlie, Nora, and Gayle. Its ratings are on the rise. It will never be No. 1, but its more serious, intelligent tone is now attracting more and more viewers every day. GMA and TODAY are taking notice. Both shows now opening with a more serious ten-minute segment.


He looked like a deer caught in the headlights for months. He didn't know what to do with them, and they didn't know what to do with him.  
Let me say here and now that I think he's a perfect, made-for-TV star, and I wanted him to be the co-host for Kelly Ripa. But, after he got that job, I saw him become full of himself and try to over-shadow her. Rude and sneaky and ungrateful.

I'm glad he's leaving LIVE. Kelly is all I care about, and I'm happy she stood up to ABC and their rude, women-are second-class-citizens treatment of her in this situation. She's going to be fine, and so is Michael. I'll be watching LIVE as long as she's on.

I think Michael will help the balance at GMA, and they are figuring out how to use him the everyone's best advantage.

But GMA needs more fixing. Fire Ginger Zee right now and replace her with Rob Marciano, the hunk from Weekend GMA.

Again. Star quality.

GMA has lost its mojo.

I love Robin and George so much, but I'm going to have to say goodbye to GMA for now. I'm sorry to say goodbye to Amy, too. But I can't deal with Lara and Ginger, and I really have a bad taste in my mouth from Starhan's obvious greed.

Can't do Matt Lauer either. So welcome CBS THIS MORNING and MORNING JOE. I'm all yours.

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