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It was the first time that I've cruised on Celebrity Cruise Line, and I really liked it--beautiful ship; excellent service. Each year Turner Classic Movies takes over an entire ship so their viewers can have what is like a "film festival at sea." Movies are shown in the big theatre, and the star of the movie does an interview with Robert Osborne or Ben Mankiewicz to introduce it. Additionally there are lectures in between the movies, and movie trivia games hosted by "Jeopardy's" Alex Trebek. The fans go out of their minds with joy. Joan Crawford's grandson Casey LeLonde showed her home movies; Al Hirschfeld archivist David Leopold had a rare exhibit of Hirschfeld's work and lectured, and Bruce Goldstein of the NY Film Forum presented a program. Other guests were Arlene Dahl, Sally Anne Howes, Mickey Rooney, Rich Little, and the 98-year-old actor adorable Norman Lloyd. I gave two lectures--Legendary Leading Ladies and Legendary Leading Men. Thank you to the TCM fans who literally stood to listen when there were no more seats, and thank you to everyone at TCM, especially Darcy Hettrich, and everyone at Sixthman, the event production company. Masters all.

The ship left from Miami, so I had one night to "do" South Beach, and I had a ball with my friend, Susan Buckner, "Patti Simcox" in "Grease" with John and Olivia. We went to Prime One Twelve restaurant. Think The Palm at the beach. It was so warm, we could sit outside among the day-glo buildings and watch the scene. Now I understand why "Kourtney and Kim" went to Miami.......

LET'S TALK ABOUT MY BELOVED DEBBIE REYNOLDS. Here are a couple of Gene Kelly stories she told to the audiences:

"I was 17 or 18 doing 'Singin' in the Rain.' I had no experience at all, and I rehearsed with Gene for six months before we shot. In the song scene 'You Were Meant for Me' where I'm standing on top of the ladder and Gene is singing and dancing around it, we were rehearsing again just before the take. I always chew gum until the last minute so I can keep my mouth moist. Suddenly, the director said 'Rolling!' and the gum was still in my mouth. I panicked and wadded it up and stuck it under a rung in the ladder. The cameras are rolling, Gene's dancing, and he does his big turn under the ladder and his hair touches the rung. As he turns away, his hair stayed under the ladder and he went that-a-way. 'CUT!!!' shouted the director, Stanley Donen. Gene was furious," said Debbie. "Neither one of them wanted me for the movie, but Louis B. Mayer insisted. I learned so much from them."

"Then," she continued, "the last scene of the movie is a kiss between Gene and me. I was 17 and it was the early 50s. I had NO experience in that area at all and I was very nervous. Gene and Stanley thought it was best to not kiss during the rehearsal and just do it for the take. Well, the cameras are rolling and Gene comes in for the kiss. Suddenly I feel this wet, disgusting thing in my mouth. There is so much slobber that I start to choke and cough. 'CUT!!!!' screams Stanley. I am so nauseous they have to bring me a bucket and I throw up. I thought tongue was just for sandwiches........"

In Grand Cayman you do three things--beach, shop and eat. What surprised me was the empire of Jimmy Buffet, who has Margaritaville restaurants in both Grand Cayman and Cozumel right near the dock. What a fortune he's making. The one in Grand Cayman even has a pool with a slide on an outdoor patio where patrons strip down to their suits and swim between courses. $$$$$

Ben Mankiewicz

Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman

Celebrity Constellation

Susan Buckner

Sometimes the docks at Cozumel look the the 405 freeway. See BD on the right

Money Beach Bar Cozumel

After surviving snorkling

Mickey Rooney and Alex Trebek

Rich Little and Alex

Margaritaville pool

Happiness in Margaritaville

Massage at Money Bar Beach Club

Coming into port in Miami at 5 am.

Prime One Twelve in South Beach in Brown's Hotel

Robert Osborne

Debbie in the lobby of the ship
It was a fantastic adventure and I thank everyone for everything.

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Susan Buckner said...

Dear Sue,
BD was really on the ball fetching a personal snorkeling instructor for you. He sure knows how to make everything a win-win situation. The point system has him as a clear favorite. OMG! Sue, I just just now remembered. .. I was night diving , on the Wreck of the Rhone, in the British Virgin Islands. Yes, we had a dive master with us. I wrote YOU a letter , in my head, as I descended 80 feet down, sucking up more air than I should have, in the pitch darkness. I did put it to postcard when I was back on board.
I clearly remember my opening line… Dear Sue, YOU WOULD HATE THIS!
from south beach