Saturday, March 23, 2013



Le Reve Hotel, Santiago

Le Reve

Alvear Palace Hotel, Buenos Aires


Montevideo, Uruguay

Puerto Montt, Chile (Patagonia)

Eva Peron's grave in Argentina

Mestizo restaurant hidden in Bicentenario Park, Santiago

Terra del Fuego National Park. Freezing, but gorgeous
I'M SO HAPPY TO BE BACK. Three weeks in a place where you never desired to go is way too much. But I must say that I was very impressed with the people of Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. I loved cruising among glaciers and very dramatic scenery. I loved meeting interesting people, particularly in Chile. There is only 2% unemployment in Chile, and it draws such cosmopolitan, forward-thinking people. My friend who lives there, Deborah Mogelberg, is a New Yorker/San Francisco transplant. With her entreprenurial brain and business acumen, she has created and sold four businesses and is extraordinary successful. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Celebrity Infinity ship. It's my second time on Celebrity, and I would go again, if I wanted to be on a ship with 1800 people. They handle it beautifully for their place in the market.

The best hotel in Buenos Aires is the Alvear Palace, their version of the Ritz in London or Paris. The most charming hotel in Santiago and a French boutique hotel called Le Reve. I recommend both highly.

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