Monday, January 20, 2014



While it is on the list as a tourist attraction, it is so much better than Harrods. Harrods has been destroyed by Fayed. It has lost most of its elegance because of the clientele, the lesser quality merchandise and the flash. Of course you can still find beautiful merchandise there, and who doesn't like to get lost in the food halls--but it's no where to really shop. The Brits are all going to Selfridges, which has really roared back into first place.

I like ti hang out at Fortnum's. In the first place, I named my two cats Fortnum and Mason years ago, and I miss them and that whole life very much. It has deliberately been 13 years since I have chosen to go back to London, and I realized again how much I loved it before, and was able to love it now.

Their tea plus Welsh Rarebit on a rainy afternoon.... what else is there?  
Perfume counter beauty


 While Staying at Claridge's is magnificent, I now prefer smaller hotels in neighborhoods that feel like home. 16 Sumner Place in South Kensington is a beautiful converted townhouse. It is owned by the Firmdale Group, the same group that owns the Crosby St. Hotel in NY. There is an open bar 24 hours a day, a fire going in the lounge, tea whenever you wish, a complimentary breakfast in the's wonderful. Great staff and service. Albert Finney and his wife were staying there, too.

A pro pos of nothing, Harrod's asparagus is still fat

Ellen Weston and her cousin David in the lounge having tea

The restaurant at the British Museum

Sit by the fire at Aspinal and pick out your fine leather goods

A visit to the Elgin Marbles never hurt anyone

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