Sunday, April 27, 2014


I look forward to Alexandra's birthday party every year because it is always beautiful, AND hilarious. As usual, the dinner party conversation cannot be reported!!!! It did involve sex, though.

This year it was a dinner given by her best friend, Danielle Del, in her new "palace-in-the-sky" home with her husband, master attorney and ZenimaxMedia president Ernie Del. Danielle's decorating choices are magnificent. I have never see mother-of-pearl wallpaper! OMG! It's a 60s retro glamour vibe that is amazing.

Danielle, Alexandra and Linda Thompson

I LOVED the decor
 The cocktail hour lasted much longer than normal because we all were so busy talking to each other. Alexandra had a wonderful group of women--so bright; so funny. It was a love fest all evening.

Micky, Lori, Bridget, Wendy, Danielle, Linda, Alexandra, Vanessa, Maryetta, me

Vanessa and Maryetta

"Winged Angels" Alexandra and Bridget

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