Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Using an illustration rather than photos of people I know who are part of this scandal

SO RIGHT NOW EVERYONE'S TALKING ABOUT THE MEN/BOY SEX PARTIES given by Hollywood executives, producers, directors, etc. WHAT A SHOCK!!!!!

I'm being sarcastic. Those parties have been going on since the movie industry began. I don't know where they were in the 30s, but in the 40s and 50s, many of them took place at the Garden of Allah apartments at Sunset and Crescent Heights.


There was lots of money and people were flying high. I literally wrote an entire novel on this period and those parties and gave it to William Morris. I changed the names, but it was very obvious who the people were. William Morris said, "This will be a big, commercial success, but if we represent it our agency will close down. None of the people in the book will do business with us." The book is still in my computer......

I know the facts, because I can name almost every participant, the corporate heads, studio heads, network people and producers who held these boy parties almost every weekend. Frequently they were in Palm Springs, but they were also held at other vacation home areas like Malibu.

There was one company, that I won't name, of course, that had a man on the payroll with a title and an office whose job it was to procure young boys. Yes, that's what I said. And sometimes, if you went to the office after hours, you might find "something" going on. I know that from personal experience.

And, also, some of the boys would show up as "waiters" at business/social events and simply stay in the kitchen until the first party was over. Then a second one would begin. I also saw cocaine on coffee tables in crystal dishes waiting at the ready for party No. 2.

I think this is enough info for today...............

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