Friday, December 25, 2015


In 1975, Connie Stevens bought a house above Sunset in Holmby Hills. It was designed by Paul Williams for Sonja Heinie, and it is a true movie star house. There is a gigantic pool (and Esther Williams did take a dip from time to time), a sunken tennis court, lush gardens, a recording studio, and on the third floor is the room that was Sonja Heinie's ice skating practice area with original murals of Norway. Connie kept it original and never touched it at all.

Well, the "kids," Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher are parents themselves, and the time came this year to sell this huge house and property. For many years, (as long as I can remember) I spent Christmas Eve here. There was always a tent with Christmas lights and an band and incredible food.
I remember in those days you'd see everyone from Sid Caesar and Buddy Hackett to Troy Donahue, Edd Byrnes, and Robert Conrad. Those parties were a cross between teen idols and every comic in Vegas. They were legendary, and it was incredible to be included.

Christmas Eve, this year, was the big blow-out goodbye party. The only one from the old days was Robert Conrad. The spirits of all the others were flying around all night and the energy was eclectic and sparkling. The tent came back; the band played on; and those of us who were part of the magic were still there smiling. Thank you Connie, Joely, and Tricia for the memories.

It's not really over, by the way. We'll just change venues and make new memories.

Connie Stevens

Joely Fisher and me

Joely and the full moon

Lounge and bar room

Tricia Leigh Fisher won the hot dress contest

The beautiful fireplace mantel. Connie had it made when she bought the house in 1975

The tent

Lounge in the tent

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