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Jackie was the first singer to really capture Laurel Canyon on record. Joni Mitchell and everyone else came later.

We got up in the middle of the night and were ready on Laurel Canyon in front of the Country Store to take these pictures before 6 a.m. Who knew at the time we would be making rock history? If you read the credits, the "unknown" then, Dr. John was on piano. Barry White sang background. Russ Titleman was on guitar. Sonny and Cher's managers, Charlie Greene and Brian Stone produced. We were all up for 24 hours straight. They recorded, I shot photos at the session.

Please read the reviews included on this page as well. Stupid Liberty Records had a bad promotion department and blew the release, but true rock journalists and historians have paid attention and put this album out front where it always belonged.

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Looking Back To
Laurel Canyon

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Laurel Canyon

I love to greet the day
Love my hideaway in
Laurel Canyon
I don’t keep track of time
Living on a dime in
Laurel Canyon
Standing here trying to get a ride
I got my baby by my side
Some say that we're the pride of
Laurel Canyon

Shades of Camelot
Giving all I’ve got to
Laurel Canyon
John Paul Jones and Liz
Try to keep it hid in
Laurel Canyon
Uphill, downhill take your pick
Light another candlestick
I don’t think I could ever kick
Laurel Canyon
Looking out my door
I can see that store in
Laurel Canyon
Staying just above
With the one I love in
Laurel Canyon
Our good friend Felicity
Well she married old man Socrates
Standing under ‘neath the trees of
Laurel Canyon (strange companion)
I’ve got a dog named Gwinn
Wandering somewhere in
Laurel Canyon
She goes out to play

Seems to know her way through
Laurel Canyon

"Among elite insider music community "Laurel Canyon" is a well known underground musical masterpiece that should have had great commercial success, due to strange lack of radio support plus the usual poor promotion from Liberty Records, this tremendous magical musical treasure has mainly over the years been enjoyed by hardcore connoisseurs of the finest the world of music has to offer, exactly what the great "Laurel Canyon" is, being a solid musical masterpiece..." 
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Laurel Canyon "celebrates a place and time that transcended the physical world to signify a virtual Garden of Eden for the flower-power generation. Featuring extensive contributions from Mac "Dr. John" Rebennack and guitarist Russ Titleman, Laurel Canyon boasts a swampy, lived-in charm that perfectly compliments DeShannon's sexiiy gritty vocals... 
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Jackie's Instrumental Group:
Mac "Dr. John" Rebbenack - Piano
Harold R. Battiste, Jr. - Electric Piano
Russ Titleman - Acoustic Guitar
Craig Tarwater - Electric Guitar
Ray Trainer - Bass Guitar
Paul Humphrey & Abe Mills - Drums
Jackie's Vocal Group:
Barry White      Brendetta Davis        Don MacAlister  
Photography:  Sue Cameron
Producers:  Brian Stone, Charles Greene

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