Saturday, December 23, 2017


Famed star photographer and 'One Night Only" producer Michael Childers had a beautiful open house yesterday at his home on the golf course in Rancho Mirage.

Michael Childers and Larry Luckinbill

His house was magnificently decorated, and his outside Moroccan patio was particularly wonderful. Just as we were enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, suddenly Michael started yelling, "Look! Look!." We gazed into the sky and saw this gigantic white formation that looked like aliens were taking off. 

At first, we all thought Michael did it as "pre-arranged surprise entertainment" for the party. He kept denying it, but was finally believed when we saw the news on our phones. Talk about a way to give a jolt to a party!

David Zippel and Stewart Boxer

LA Phil's CAO Kathleen Kane and Dick Stein

Chuck Yates is about to surprise Teri Ketover

Lucie Arnaz, Cheryl MacArthur, and Debbie Green

Susan Stein

Michael and Larry in deep conversation

Teri and Bart Ketover bid Michael adieu

I wonder who these two could be?

Kim and David Tahernia

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