Monday, October 1, 2012


Beverly Gatica and Cheryl Woodcock

Party favors--a Disco CD made by Dagny and cool nail polish!

Dagny and her mom Sally Spears
Skylar, Paige, Kirsten, Irena and Dagny

Danielle Del and Cheryl Woodcock
The shot of the night--Irena's back taken by Cheryl Woodcock
Cheryl Tiegs, Irena, Jennifer Stallone, Danielle Del

Dagny in one of the many disco wigs available, Me, Jena King

The beautiful dinner table

Danielle and Cheryl

First, let me say that Dagny doesn't look a day over 34. She's beautiful, bright, funny, kind and loving. After some deliberation about her birthday, she decided she was going to turn her house into a disco and asked all her guests to dress Studio 54-ish. We all had a lovely dinner on the terrace, and behind us was a DJ station manned by Little Men Entertainment. Then down below on the lawn  was Dagny's Disco, with all white couches, a white dance floor, potted plants on tables, a mirror ball and flashing lights. IT WAS AWESOME. On the level down from the lawn level was Dagny's pool bathed in soft light, with warm water just beckoning to the dancers. Waiters with shots on trays danced in between us so we could keep dancing while "drinking." OF COURSE DAGNY ENDED UP IN THE POOL. Her handsome husband, Michael Dubelko, her mother, Sally Spears and her friend Miriam flew in from Texas, and her sister Kirsten was also there. It was a real family affair. Dagny and Michael's three beautiful daughter, Paige, Skylar and Taylor, were a constant, fun presence. Enjoying the free-for-all dancing were Jena King, Irena Medavoy, Cheryl Woodcock, Beverly Gatica, Cheryl Tiegs, Danielle Del, Jennifer Stallone, Fab Guerin and so many more glammed up girlfriends. What a great party!

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