Sunday, June 30, 2013


All I heard of while I was away was Paula Deen. Paula Deen. Did she make a mistake? Yes. She, and no one should ever use that word. Did she grow up in the south and was a product of her own early environment? Yes. Well, guess what? Sometimes somebody says the wrong thing once or twice. She knew better and stopped. All this brouhaha seems like a vendetta from someone who wanted to take her down.

Is she an angel? Probably not. Who is an angel all the time anyway?

Did she bungle her apology? Yep. She's not a crisis manager. She's a chef caught in a mess and was vulnerable because she actually did say it.

The Food Network should have suspended her show for six months. There is now such overkill from "righteous" companies. Gee....I wonder....did any of their executives use the words kike, wop, dago, gook or fag? Did any of you every hear those words in your childhoods?

This is now political correctness gone amok.  It's an assassination, and not the American way.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Sue. This has really gotten out of control and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I don't think anyone has ever been picked on so much as Paula Dean. This is past history and the guy she called that name has since apologized for all her trouble.

And by the way, I think all music should not have the "n" word in it or curse words or degrade women because they offend me and teach others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Sometimes when people are in stressful situations you say things you don't mean. She has apologized- but also how is it okay for rappers and singers to say it maybe 10 times a song and she said it maybe once? Seriously? This is ridiculous.