Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I CAN'T IMAGINE ANYONE WHO DOESNT LIKE MEL BROOKS. As for me, just say his name and I start to smile. See his face and I start to laugh (he won't find that insulting. ) The Dolby Theatre was full to the brim with guests celebrating him---everyone from his best friend Carl Reiner, to Zach Galifanakis. Generation after generation of comedians and writers went from table to table in one of the best parties I've attended in a long time.

Walking in a room with Lesley Ann Warren is like entering a room of starving bees and holding a vat of honey. Lesley, who starred with Mel in "Life Stinks," is one of his favorite leading ladies. Mel has named their dance scene together as one of his all-time favorites.

Lesley and Mel talk to Bruce Gilbert

ROBERT DE NIRO--- Who do I have to (f--k) to get in a Mel Brooks movie

                   CLORIS LEACHMAN-- Mel taught me what shtup and mensch meant

LARRY DAVID--He killed my parents..that little Jew bastard



What fun it was to watch. We sat at Brad Anderson's table right in the front/middle. Brad is the chairman of the AFI National Advisory Board, and he also happens to be the owner of Best Buy, which he sold for a lovely amount. He is the nicest, most unpretentious man. "I started as a clerk at an electronics store in Minnesota," he said. "I wasn't very good at it. Eventually I learned how to sell and make the customer happy. Our little store was bought by Best Buy and I just kept working and working."

Zach Galifanakis and Sarah Silverman were to our left. Directly in front was Amy Poehler. To the front right was Jimmy Kimmel. and Molly. They came a little later, and I watched Sarah eying them as they came in. "What fun," I said to myself. As soon as they sat down, Sarah went over to them and hugged them. I'm happy to say it was hugs all around. It was that kind of night. Amy hugged Sarah, Zak hugged Judd Apatow, ABCs Anne Sweeney hugged Sir Howard Stringer, Morgan Freeman hugged Julie Chen and Les Moonves, Alan Horn hugged Bob Daly, Hawk Koch hugged Lesley, Sacha Baron Cohen hugged everyone. It was a tough crowd to keep seated. 

It was a great show, with Martin Short doing a fab opening number which was a musical salute to Mel. When Mel eventualy took the stage he said, "I'm sorry for the pedestrian food and cheap wine." (Not true, of course. Wolfgang Puck's food was incredible.) But then you could see Mel was treally touched. He talked about Anne Bancroft and how he wished she were with him (we all did, too). He thanked AFI and said, "AFI are the cinema police. They protect and serve movies."
Sarah and Jimmy

Sacha Baron Cohen

Maud Apatow, Judd Apatow, Lesley

Mel at the after party

Paul Prentiss and Dick Benjamin

Sarah and Amy

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