Friday, April 10, 2015



Meet Sister Mary Rinaldi, a true angel from the Salesian Sisters. DO YOU KNOW THAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DOES NOT PROVIDE FUNDS FOR ELDERLY SISTERS??? They get a small stipend, BUT THE ELDERLY PRIESTS GET THE BIG MONEY. Enter Sister Mary Rinaldi who has raised (single-handedly) enough money to build a separate housing project for her aging nuns.

Years ago I adopted Sister Mary Winterscheidt, who is in her 90s. She is MY nun. I receive all kids of written blessing and comforts, as well as any direction I could want or need. It is a miracle.

I found out about this program from Irena Medavoy and Julie Araskog. We all have adopted nuns. If you would like to help, the information is below

On a lighter note, I took Sister Mary to La Scala for dinner. She had never experienced Mozzarella Marina! That was one happy nun!!!  Love to Sister Mary.

Adopt a Sister - About the Program

The Adopt a Sister program was an idea born out of great need. With many of our Sisters aging, the reality of retirement and its costs has hit home. In 1991, a benefactor, hearing of the plight of the Sisters, suggested that it was time to “adopt our Sisters.” He didn't intend that people take the Sisters into their homes but into their hearts.
Sr. Claire Perino loves to recount her story of Faith in action. A woman in Indiana adopted her and asked her to pray for her daughter-in-law to conceive a child.
Sr. Claire’s response: “Yes I will pray. Now, be careful because sometimes we ask God for an apple and He wants to give us the orchard.” Nine months later quadruplets were born on Father’s Day!
Today, our Sisters’ hearts are full of love for their extended family. They pray everyday for their adopters’ needs and requests, and they are delighted to hear from them. Bonds between many of the adopters and Sisters are formed, thus making us truly one big family.
A suggested donation of $160-$500 will enroll you or someone you love in the "Adopt a Sister" program for 1 year. Your gift will help provide for the Sisters' retirement needs, and in gratitude for your faith and friendship, your "adopted" Sister will pray for you each day for a year.
Join friends of all faiths who have experienced the transforming power of prayer and loving friendship. Whether the Adopted Sister is for yourself, a family member, or friend in need of spiritual strength, you will find comfort in knowing that one’s requests will be remembered each day by your spiritual prayer partner.

Once we receive your Adopt a Sister form, we will send you: 
  • A biography of your "adopted" Sister (with her photo, address, phone number and birthday)
  •  A certificate of “adoption”

You may “adopt” a Sister by:
  • Make a donation online
  • Downloading our adopt form and mailing it to us
  • Or calling us at our toll-free number 1-877-OUR-NUNS and provide us with the following information: 
  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Phone / E-mail address
  • Your Date of Birth

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