Monday, February 13, 2017


ONCE UPON A TIME, JOSH ELLIOTT WAS STOLEN FROM HIS JOB AT ESPN TO JOIN GOOD MORNING AMERICA. HE WAS THE "PICK TO CLICK." It may have been 2011. He was hot, cute, funny on camera, and a terrific newsreader (his job at the time). It was so clear that he was on his way to an anchor chair, either on GMA or ABC Evening News. He was such an obvious star on the rise. I thought he was terrific on air.

But he got impatient.

He and pretty boy Sam Champion jumped ship. Champion disappeared into the Weather Channel and his face expanded from too many fillers You can't even look at him now. Josh went to NBC Sports, but it was very obvious that he was Matt Lauer's "replacement-in-waiting."

But he got impatient.

This time, after less than a year-and-a-half, he moved from NBC to CBS, once again, in search of that anchor position.. This time he had his eyes on replacing Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening News, or Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning. For now, his "bullpen" was being the anchor at CBSN, their news streaming service. He was absolutely in talks to be moved over to the CBS Network and be used extensively on CBS This Morning, and all their shows.

But he got impatient.

He announced on the air at CBSN that he was moving over to CBS without going through the proper corporate channels. HE WAS FIRED AND ESCORTED OUT OF THE BUILDING.

It's really too bad. He could have had whatever he wanted if he'd played it smart. Who kicks each of the BIG 3 networks in the teeth and expects to live? What a shame.

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iggyboy said...

Very true. A child throwing a tantrum.