Friday, March 10, 2017


Peter Marshall, Sal Ministretta, Valorie Armstrong and Gavin MacLeod

Jill Donohue, Millicent Martin, Don Amendolia, Valorie Armstrong
DEZARTS, A THEATRE COMPANY, had a clever benefit called ON THE AIR, recreating live old radio shows with Gavin MacLeod, Peter Marshall, Tony award-winner Millicent Martin, Don Amendolia, Valorie Armstrong and many other wonderful actors. Actress Mariette Hartley drove in from LA to be in the show and came down with the flu as soon as she arrived! Others took her place at the last minute. They were all there to support Artistic Director Michael Shaw's dream of getting a permanent theatre for his company.

At the same time, Ann Hampton Callaway was at the McCallum Theatre headlining a FOLLIES tribute.
Ann Hampton Callaway

Tonight, Marilyn Maye opens at the Purple Room. And tomorrow night, Suzanne Somers does her Vegas show at the McCallum.

Suzanne Somers

I've discovered that if you live in Palm Springs, the rest of the world comes to you!

Marilyn Maye

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