Sunday, March 12, 2017


                  WHAT A NIGHT!!!!

Jamie Kabler, Suzanne, Helene Galen

Suzanne Somers and I have known each other since the mid-70s, before there was even a glimmer of fame. She impressed me then as a very smart, very kind, warm, terrific person. She dealt in truth. There were no games with her. She had a very clear sense of business and personal. I liked her immediately.
And when she became famous, her behavior never changed.  What a pleasure!
That warmth and "adorable-ness" was front and center at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Springs last night when Suzanne did her Las Vegas showroom act to a packed theatre. It was a fabulous night! Entertaining is something she was born to do and you can see that she truly loves it!

I have watched her perform live since the 80s. I was there at her first Vegas show. She is like watching a sweet, sexy best friend on stage telling stories from her life, accompanied by clips from THE TONIGHT SHOW, AMERICAN GRAFITTI, THREE’S COMPANY, BOB HOPE SPECIALS, and more.
Suzanne’s voice is rich and nuanced. She has really become a true song stylist with great musicality. She moves beautifully on stage, and we all enjoyed her FIVE costume changes---so much glamour---from her strapless leather, short full-skirted opener, to shimmering animal print sheath, a silver-mini dress, a white sequined tux jacket, and a floor-length peach movie star gown.

She sang standards from Frank Sinatra and Eydie Gorme, as well as Rosie and The Originals’ “Angel Baby” (a capella!) and Ronnie Milsap’s “Happy Birthday Baby.” Each song was relevant to something in her life.
Yours truly and Don Amendolia

The production design and lighting were impeccable. I always remembered how elegant and well done her acts were visually, and this one was first class, as usual. And I loved her charts and her band.

Arnie and Anne Kopelson
Suzanne is a woman with a plan, and her latest is to try to redevelop the Plaza Theatre in downtown Palm Springs (that’s where the long-time FOLLIES played) and turn it into a showroom residency for herself, and probably others, when she’s on vacation. It’s a spectacular idea, and she is working with the Palm Springs City Council to make it happen.
Beverly Johnson
“I really love what I do,” Suzanne told me. “I want to do it every night, and in my home town.”

Her latest dream will succeed, I’m sure.

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