Thursday, March 30, 2017


HERE TO SERVE IS THE LIFE MISSION OF KATIE QUINTAS, a mother and wife whose husband and son were diagnosed with very serious cancers at once. Her life was turned upside down, and in that journey, she realized that she needed to found a non-profit to help families like hers.

If a middle class, or lower middle class family, not poor enough to get government help, is faced with a cancer battle, it frequently decimates their family. They lose a house, a car, all their savings. They are ruined.

Katie's son survived, but her husband did not. Katie started Here to Serve by working with hospitals, currently Children's Hospital and Mattel, and interfacing with social workers to find families who need help. Go to  Katie has created an online community where vetted volunteers adopt families and do whatever is needed. Sometimes it takes as many as 50-300 volunteers for just one family. If you go to their website, you will see how extraordinary their organization is, plus you will see how to help in any way you can. Katie is really the only "boss," upon whose shoulders everything rests. She is remarkable.

Alexandra's Friends with Causes has had over 20 dinners benefitting hands-on causes that don't really get huge corporate grants. That's why it's so special. We really know and see where our money is going, and many of us continue to work with the people we meet on these causes.

Tawny Sanders, Laurie McCaskill and Alexandra Dwek

Georgia Spogli and Lisa Janien

Bozena Szczotkowka and Allison Betts

Catherine Belton and Carolyn Reece

Cathy Corell, Katy Strouk, and Maureen Stockton

Christine Chiu and Heidi Johnson

Thea Hartley and Arlene Sedaris

Marilyn Gates and Vanessa Sandin

Over 30 women attended, including Barbara Grant Jaynes, Kathy Hilton, and Nancy Rubin, and they were so moved by the cause and the evening,

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