Tuesday, November 28, 2017


A GREAT, BIG THANK YOU TO JOHN MONAGHAN, board member of the Palm Springs Museum, for inviting all of us to the beautiful gala.

GLEE and Broadway's Matthew Morrison did his concert for us in the theatre, and then we adjourned to the Museum where Spencer's Restaurant catered spectacularly.

I just loved our table, and, on more than one occasion, someone would come by and say, "The laughs coming from here are so loud. You are having the best time in the place." Yes, we were.

The Handsome Mr. Monaghan and........

Don Amendolia, Lucie Arnaz, Larry Luckinbill, John Monaghan

Coyote Theatre Works' Chuck Yates, producer and photographer Michael Childers

Jamie Kabler and Helene Galen

Kayla Pressman and PALM SPRINGS LIFE'S Susan Stein

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