Thursday, November 2, 2017



First stop: The Grill on the Alley with Jessica Walter

Jessica is in LA shooting the award-winning ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT for Netflix. I love the show and think she's incredible in it. Her characterization of Lucille Bluth should be studied by young actors as a blueprint for brilliant comedy.

"I'm so proud of the show," said Jessica. "I'm so impressed that Mitch Hurwitz and our writers have given Lucille a relationship with a man not much younger than she. It's an emphasis on friendship and fun companionship and not that cliche cougar and pool boy story. 'Arrested Development' made its debut in 2003 and has totally changed TV. All of today's unique shows followed our lead."

Best whitefish ever

Second stop: Taverna Tony and Malibu Country Mart for Joely Fisher's "family birthday" celebration.

As I parked my car and got out I recognized a voice instantly. It was Jerry Seinfeld having coffee with a buddy. Then Ryan Phillippe walked by looking for a chicken salad sandwich. Sundays are HOT in Malibu. 

Joely turned 50 on Oct. 29th, and she wanted to spend the day with family. Her "blow-out" party is tomorrow night in Venice. She chose Taverna Tony because it has been the site of many family celebrations through the years.

Joely's husband, Chris Duddy, and Joely hold sister Tricia Leigh's cool present of a 3D, lighted Times Square.

Strategically-placed pineapple bathing suit

World Series Pajama Party for Two on birthday night---

Third stop: Dagny Dubelko's house for a Girls' Lunch

Yours truly, Cheryl Tiegs, Tracy Danza, and Dagny

Now that you see who was there, you'll understand that everything said is confidential!

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