Friday, February 2, 2018


IT'S TIME TO GET REAL. IF YOU'RE LIKE ME, IT'S IMPORTANT TO FIND THE RIGHT TOILET PAPER. IT'S ALL ABOUT SOFT, HARD, FLUFF, QUILT, TEXTURE, ONE-PLY, TWO-PLY, etc. However, there is the unspoken "issue with tissue"------unwanted residue. Yes, I said it. You all know exactly what I'm talking about.

In order to solve this problem, I went to the market and bought one roll of almost every toilet paper on the market. In my "personal scientific study of one," I judged each brand.

Cottonelle feels great. How I wish it didn't leave residue. I heard recently that they came out with a new brand called COTTONELLE CLEAN, to eliminate the problem. THEY'RE LYING. IT DOESN'T WORK. It's the WORST.

 Again, Charmin Soft feels the best of all the toilet papers. It's even an anticipated treat. BUT, the residue is almost as bad as Cottonelle's.

Charmin Ultra Strong IS THE WINNER BY A LANDSLIDE. It's not quite as soft as Charmin Soft, but I don't care.
It is as residue-free as any toilet paper can be!!!!!

A lot of people swear by Quilted Northern. Nice feel; lots of residue. Sorry.

Here's the other myth: They say that Scott one-ply, because it's only one-ply doesn't leave residue. Well, people, not only is it THE ROUGHEST toilet paper there is, (think RASH) but it still leaves "particles."


Because people have been so unhappy with toilet paper products, the marketeers are trying to convince us that we should switch to wipes.

You just end up wet, and it is a lie that they flush well. They do nothing but clog your toilet. Plumbers love them...

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