Saturday, April 21, 2012


DON'T MISS HER!!!!. Gorgeous Lynda Carter was a singer long before she became Wonder Woman. She is an extraordinry performer. What a show you will get. I have been at Catalina for the past two night and seen three standing ovations each night. Lynda has the best musicians, the best singers, the best of everything. She is dazzling, warm, and so much fun. She's rock 'n' roll, country, jazz, blues and soul.
Yes, It is Lynda and yours truly

Robert Altman, Lynda, Harry and Florence Sloan

Lynda and her agent Mike Pick

Lindsay Wagner and her son(!)

Julie Chen, Lynda, Les Moonves
Her sax player, Blue Lou Marini, is the original Blues Brother from "Saturday Night Live" who played with Belushi and Ackroyd! EVERYONE has been in to see her-----Les Moonves, Julie Chen, Harry and Florence Sloan, "American Idol's" Michale Orland and Peisha McPhee (Katherine's mother and voice coach, Lindsay Wagner, writer-producers Ellen Weston and Lynn Roth, and, of course, Lynda's genius husband, Chairman of Zenimax Corp, the video gaming phenomenon Robert Altman.......... It's a party every night. Tonight is her last night and then she goes to NY for Jazz and Lincoln Center. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

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