Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A large part of the gang was on hand last night for my birthday at Cecconi's-- Danielle Del, Alexandra Dwek, Katy Sweet, Donna Antebi, Joely Fisher, Helen Cavallo, Dawn Moore, Tracy Danza. Love you all. Sorry that Julie A, Irena M, Dagny D, and Wendy B couldn't make it. There will be other celebrations! (probably at PINK'S) Cecconi's is certainly HOT and BUZZING.

And, yes, there was the shock of the evening when a nearby woman at another table started to choke. Yes, prompted by my buddies, I jumped in and did the Heimlich. The woman was saved. That's the first time I've done that and it was quite a feeling.

Alexandra, me, Danielle, Donna

Katy Sweet and Tracy Danza

Tracy, Joely, me and Helen

I know--blown out by flash. The elusive Dawn Moore
Next up---Alexandra's birthday. THANK YOU DANIELLE. Sweet Baby Jane six layer chocolate cake......

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