Sunday, April 29, 2012

THE NOSE KNOWS...........

Yesterday someone was at my house and noticed a hole where a light fixture should be. "What happened?" he asked. "My handyman is in Bolivia having his nose done," I answered. Excuse me...but where else could that conversation have taken place but Hollywood? AND...Jaime, the handyman, told me it was just a "deviated septum!" Perfect. got me thinking about noses. And investigating. As you will see below, in 95% of the cases, the person totally did the right thing. Septum or not. When Jaime gets back from Bolivia, and my light fixture gets hung (excuse me), you'll see him, too.

Yes. Congrats!

This is a fake. Adrien Brody has not done this---yet.

God Bless You

Nice work, Bethanny!

I share your sorrow

Excellent move

No, Lance.

Congrats! Natalie

This was just irresistible for so many reasons

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