Friday, April 27, 2012


What can one say? Irena and I liked the dogs.

The Marlon Brando

The front of Pink's today

Miko Brando, Beverly Pink, Irena Medavoy, Gloria Pink, Richard Pink
How about this for a dream? Sitting at a table at Pink's where you can eat anything you want on the menu for free????? Thank you, Irena and Mike Medavoy, for inviting me to celebrate the inaugural day of hte Marlon Brando Dog at Pinks's. The Medavoys and members of the Brando Family, including son Miko, had a fantastic and delicious time eating that dog---It's a classic, with just chili and cheese--perfect. Gloria and Richard Pink, and Beverly Pink greeted everyone. And, may I say, that their fries and onion rings are twice-fried and I went crazy over them. And, again...dare I say that I got stuff to go??? Oh, yeah.

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Anonymous said...

it was great being with you Sue .... I ate @OMG 2 BRandos....and it brought back memories. My aunt lives 3 blocks from there it was always the place to come after hollywood high and USC games.....thank you for coming and sharing.... 28 years of friendship