Friday, December 14, 2012


There is no question that Alexandra Dwek, president of The Colleagues, is an extraordinary hostess--among all her other talents. Each year she turns her home into a Christmas fantasy that looks like it belongs at the Ritz in Paris. All her special friends look forward to this event every year because it is filled with joy, elegance, and the camaraderie of friendship.
Katrina and Alexandra
Lynn Booth

This year was even more unique because after a group of us was admiring the beautiful decorations of tree branches and pine cones in the fireplace of the poolhouse, where the luncheon took place this year, Alexandra told us that she did those decorations herself. And what did she do? She got in her car with a couple of big bags and drive to Lexington and Rexford. She parked the car where she saw all the branches and cones had fallen off of our beautiful Beverly Hills trees. Then....yes, you're right. We all just loved that! Great spirit!

Betsy Bloomingdale (above) Donna, Mallika, Linda, Danielle, Irena, Dede

Ames and Linda

Yours truly with Mallika Sherawat

Wendy and Irena with the Warhol of Alexandra in the background

Ok. Just look at Irena

Mallika, Irena, Larissa and Laurie

Hostess Alexandra

The infamous fireplace decor

Complemented by champagne, wines, or whatever else you wished, the first course was a fluffy cheese souffle with a watercress salad. I could have stopped right with that. Then along came a perfectly cooked halibut with vegetables, followed by the traditional Buche de Noel. What a magnificent party!!! Everybody stayed FOR DAYS.............

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