Friday, December 28, 2012


His rumored nick-name is "Penis-head"
That I like Los Angeles more than I thought

That I still want to spend more time away from Los Angeles---like in NY and France

That I still don't care about Lindsey Lohan

That the number of real movie stars continues to shrink

That Jenny Craig saves my life in between eating what I want

That L.A. traffic is beyond intolerable and beyond hope

That Republicans don't know how to run presidential campaigns anymore

That even omnipotent Oprah suffered the consequences of not being on network TV

That the public has finally seen through Matt Lauer's smile and seen him for the shark he is

That Robin Roberts is my new hero

That one regular cast member of "The View" is driving me nuts and the other cast members feel the same way

That half-hour sitcoms are completely unwatchable now

That true love can come at any age

That I have the best friends in the world


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