Sunday, December 30, 2012


Rosamund Pike

Daniel Day-Lewis

Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica Chastain
It's going to be fun for the next several years to see the duel between Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain. They both are fantastic in everything they do. Jennifer is hot and sexy, but can carry off strong heroines as well. She has a kind of inner Brigitte Bardot. Jessica's face keeps saying "Ava Gardner" to me. I don't feel the heat, but the bones and features are remarkable. Both women are the kinds of actresses who get buried in their roles. A Katharine Hepburn never got buried. It was always Star Hepburn. That's what makes a lasting movie star. However, there may be a slight change in the star rule for 2013. Maybe you can be lost in a role and still keep your aura. We shall see. I can't wait to watch the journey.

Silver Linings Playbook--It's NOT the second coming. Get a grip. Excellent acting.

Jack Reacher--This doesn't belong on this list or any Oscar list, but I had to speak about it. Tom Cruise is totally wooden and his "hero" aura is fading fast. He's out of his league here. Rosamund Pike acts like a dead tree. What kind of direction was this?

Zero Dark Thirty--Bravo to everyone. I have loved Kathryn Bigelow since "Blue Steel." Go back and watch it again.

Argo--Ben Affleck is a brilliant director. He should have been nominated for "The Town." He'll have a huge career as a director til the end of time.

Life of Pi--So well done. Magnificent book that was translated to the screen as best it could be. In this case, reading it is better than seeing it, because one's imagination is far more infinite. P.S. Hated violence to animals and had to keep walking out.

Lincoln--Again, a superb movie. Great heart. I had fun picking out cameos of actors who kept popping up.

The Master---Loved "Magnolia;" hated "The Master." Totally unwatchable, pretentious drivel

Hitchcock--A terrific movie with great style

Les Miserables---Going to see it today. I HATED the musical on Broadway and walked out. We'll see. Everyone says it's wonderful.

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Jennifer Lawrence has barely gotten started.