Monday, April 8, 2013


IF YOU ARE FROM A CERTAIN GENERATION, THEN YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL. It's how we all feel. What young girl didn't want to be Annette? In her time, she was bigger than Britney, Gaga and all of those girls combined. She was a NICE GIRL, and remained one her whole life. She was scandal free, an honorable person, a humble person, and a gracious person who loved her family and all good things for the world.

She didn't make sex tapes. She didn't end up in car wrecks. She'd never even go to a club or ever "get wasted." She taught us how to live a good life. My faith in God is strong. I pray to accept His will. But when Annette was stricken so severely by MS, it was hard. How could anyone allow a horrible existence for 20 years of being blind, unable to speak, walk, or do anything? I never stopped thinking of her and her situation. I reached out to her close friends on occasion to keep tabs. I am grateful she is not suffering, but it was way too long of a journey for her.
Dear, Sweet Annette. I met you twice. Once in a parking lot when you were about 16, the second time we ended up at a small dinner party together. You were exactly who I thought you were. I celebrate your virtue and your values, and most of all, your courage. Thank you for "being"

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