Sunday, April 14, 2013


MARLO THOMAS WENT TO USC. She has the same feelings I do about it. We loved it and they are some of the happiest memories we have. Town and Gown, founded in 1908, was USC's first service organization. It flourishes today, and it honored Marlo at a lucnehon at the Bevery Hilton. Who could resist an opening act like the Trojan Marching Band??? They charged through the ballroom and we were on our feet doing the USC Victory sign.

Town and Gown arranged as a surprise for Marlo, 200 Theta sorority sisters singing the Theta songs as she walked into the press room. She was thrilled.

Marlo had two tables--one for her close girlfriends and one for the men in her life. "I wanted this to be a day about my women friends. We've been together for over 40 years," said Marlo at the table. Camille Byrne, who Marlo has known since Marymount was there, along with her sister Terre, also a USC Theta, plus her acting coach Sandra Seacat (who has coached Jessica Lange thorughout her entire career, as well as many Oscar winners.) The men's table had her husband, Phil Donahue, her broher, Tony, Terre's other half, Gary, her nephew, Jason, Sandra's husband, Thurm,
Camille and Joe

Thurm and Sandra

Gary and Terre

Phil and Marlo

Theta sisters Camille, Marlo and Colleen

Sisters Terre and Marlo, and Terre's son Jason Gordon
and Camille's husband, Joe.

"When I first walked on to the USC campus I was so excited," said Marlo. I looked around and I realized that every opportunity in life was before my eyes. Standing here today, looking back at my life, I realize this room IS my life. I can't believe what has happened since I left." At that point the whole room teared up with her.

After we recovered from the tears, we went to her suite and drank champagne. That was only right.

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