Friday, May 23, 2014


ALEXANDRA DWEK HAS DONE IT AGAIN. Her speaker (and charity) this time was Aimee P. of Upward Bound House in Santa Monica.

Alexandra Dwek and Aimee P.
Upward Bound House is an amazing place that houses homeless families, usually from three to six months; some as long as a year. These are families where either a lost job or medical bills, or other circumstances, have forced them onto the street. Upward Bound House has classes and seminars for the adults; activities and counseling; financial counseling; free food and clothing----all to the goal of getting the family back on it's feet and into real life. For only a $2500 donation, one can "own" an apartment there that continues to house families. Another option is to supply new linens, kitchen things, beds, etc. for the apt. Every family gets new things supplied. Rustic Canyon restaurant in Santa Monica, for example, "owns" an apartment, and their chefs come in a furnish it. There are endless opportunities to help or volunteer.
Just a portion of the pot luck dinner

Bridget Gless Keller and Vanessa Sandin

Laurie McCaskill, Mary Milner, Barbara Jaynes, Cara Esposito

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